In this post we will discuss why the big guys out there lie to you when it comes to marketing and why the chances of being successful with affiliate marketing are not that high without a website.

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So, now let´s talk about why the odds are not in your favor when you try to run affiliate marketing without a website.

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Reason Nr. 01 Why you should not run affiliate marketing without a website

The pages the programs provided you with are saturated. The copy and paste model that the big gurus out there give you is not working. If there are 1000s of people sending their visitors to the same exact websites and the only difference is the code snippet that identifies you as the referrer, it´s not wonder why people are getting tired of these sites and of course they don´t act of them. So, what you should have at least when it comes to your own website is an own landing page. The page that shows up after your audience have seen your ad and clicked. And I talked about that in another video before: you capture the name and email address there, so you are allowed to contact them in the future and then you´re sending them to the affiliate offer.   

Reason Nr. 02 why you should not market without a website

An own website helps you to position yourself as the expert. Of course, there are some key elements that your website needs to have. Why exactly does it exist? What difference do you make for your audience? Why are you an expert? What qualifies you to help others and on and on. If you structure this right people will gladly buy over your link instead of the link of somebody else. And that of course means a commission for you, right?

Reason Nr. 03 Why you should not run affiliate marketing without a website

You need to have an independent place that you can send your visitors to. Your job as an affiliate marketer is to provide value. And you can do that best on your own page! Your own hub, your home on the internet. And you are free to do whatever you like there, right? When you send out an email to your list, the link in that email should lead people to your hub. What´s also great with this model is, that google and facebook don´t like you to send your traffic to affiliate offers directly. On the contrary they love it, if you send them to a place that brings value to your audience.

Reason Nr. 04 why you need your own website

You have to build your own thing! You have to build YOU.INC. And own website helps you to build authority. You can present yourself in a way that is unique. Even if you use a theme that other people are using also: you can set it up in a way that nobody else has. If you like check out my hub. The link is below. And I´m using a paid wordpress theme (wordpress is what I highly recommend – if you will, it’s the software your site works with) So, my wordpress theme is from elegant themes and there is a reason for every single page there. So, if you like, click below to get some ideas for your site.

Some things I´d like to mention

You don´t have to be afraid of the tech side these days anymore. I´m not a tech person also. I learned a lot in the last couple of years, but I don´t know how to code things and stuff like that. And I´m a one-man business, I don´t have people who help me with anything. So if I could do it, you can too! And if you´re stuck: google is your friend. Whenever I have a problem. Google knows the answer! All we have to do is dig deep and we will find a solution!

Another thing: Your site doesn´t need to be perfect at the beginning. It can grow together with you. The most important thing is to keep momentum high, and just start! Use a free theme in the beginning. And maybe, if that’s all too much for you, just start with an own landing page! This is crucial! This is the minimum you have to have. Never send your audience to an affiliate page directly! Start with your own landing pages, make your first commissions and then build your hub!

So, that’s it again for today. Thanks so much for watching and reading. If you have further questions, you can comment below this post, and also tell me what else you´d like to see on my blog.

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Thanks for watching and see you in the next video. Take care! Bye-Bye

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