How beginners can start their own successful online business from scratch

There are many ways to build an own online business these days. You may have heard about trading, dropshipping, ebay and amazon seller, creating your own products and many more things. And of course those things work. The question is, if a beginner should start with those methods.

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If you are a beginner, the easiest and fastest way to start is an affiliate marketing business

  • Even if you think about creating your own products – let´s says you´re a dancer and you want to teach people how to dance, start as affiliate marketer – there are plenty of digital products you can promote! That way you know what your doing when it comes to marketing. By the time your product is ready you already know how to find customers for it.


What is affiliate marketing?

  • You promote other people´s products or other companies´ products and get a commission if the visitors you referred bought. (You have your own links, so that sales can be easily tracked back to you.)
  • The fastest way to get started and to earn commissions
  • You don´t have to analyze the market. (Many product creators have their products finally ready and then they discover that there is no need for it! Usually there is a market for Affiliate products. If there wasn´t the product would not exist – because the product creators tested the market before and sold their products on their own before, so the products are tested ane they typically sell quite well… )
  • You don´t have to create anything.
  • You´re sending traffic (Which are real visitors, real people) to a landing page, (a website on the internet that is set up in a certain way) – the rest happens on autopilot
  • You can (and you should) promote products of companies that are 100% legit. Here are just a few examples: Reebok, Adidas, Uber, Microsoft, McAfee, Levis, Lenovo… and many more. I´m 100% sure that there are products for any niche you can imagine.
  • Promote products on amazon. This is the affiliate marketing business most people know. There is a huge downside to that model: amazon pays 5-10 percent per sale. So 10% of 15 bucks is not that much, right? You have to make a lot of sales to be profitable…
  • Some networks and companies out there pay you 50% commissions and even more – especially digital products. So I highly recommend you start with digital products…


Let´s just sum this up! Why you should use an affiliate marketing business?

  • It has extremely low startup costs
  • You don´t need to create an own product
  • You don´t need customer service
  • You don´t need a merchant account
  • You can work from anywhere
  • It’s a solid, reliable business model
  • You can have passive income and truly unlimited revenue
  • You can have multiple streams of income
  • You have thousands of products to choose from
  • You´ll have no shipping costs whatsoever
  • It runs on systems and can be 100% automated

For people who tried affiliate marketing before and failed:

  • If you say now: I tried it before. It didn´t work, here´s good news: 96% of all marketers out there fail. They just cannot figure this business out.
  • The reason for that is, that there are Gurus who told them: Just send traffic (Which are visitors, like real people, right?) to an offer (Which is the sales page of the affiliate product) and boom, you´ll make sales. Well. It´s not that easy! Ok? You have to do a little bit more!
  • First of all, you should never send traffic to a corporate page. You always should send traffic to your own landing page – which is a page that collects some information of your visitor, like the first name and email address and sometimes more… and that way you can contact the visitor later on and you can send them to any offer you want.
  • You should build your business around you! Build “You. INC” What do you stand for? Pick products that matches your identity! So, if you know how to train your dog, and you want to teach it, or you want to talk about it, start with those kind of products!
  • And by the way: don´t be afraid of the technical things. These days we have very easy to use tools. You don´t need to be a tech guy at all to use those tools. Even a website like mine here – you can create that in a few hours, really! And if you need, just shoot me a message…

These are just some tips that I can give you here real quick. If you want to get started with your own highly profitable affiliate marketing business, I highly recommend our free “Advanced Affiliate Marketing Secrets” webinar that teaches you “How to go from ZERO to a 6-figure business, by selling other people´s products”.

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Ready To Escape Your Nine-To-Five Jail?

Check out our webinar now!