How to buy targeted Leads for 88 cents per lead!

Hi Guys,

today I have something very, very cool for you! Have you ever run an ad campaign on facebook, google or bing to generate leads? If you run ads there you never know the outcome. You never know how much a lead is costing you in the end.

That´s because you are paying per click. (CPC – cost per click)

Don´t get me wrong: if you know what you are doing there is nothing wrong with that! But what I find in my daily work with customers and prospect is, that people are completely overwhelmed with this whole process.

Think about it! You need traffic: ad images, ad copy, (or video-ad), targeting, keywords, ,…

You need to convert the traffic: landing page, site copy, site design, splittesting, connecting the autoresponder, …

Just imagine your landing page sucks! What if you only get 20% optin rate? Out of 100 clicks only 20 people are signing in to your email-list. If 5 percent buy later on, you are making 1 sale out of 100 clicks. If the product you are promoting sells for 100 Dollars, you are getting 50% commission (50 bucks) and your click price is 60 cents per click ($60 per 100 clicks) you are losing 10 bucks for every 100 clicks you buy!

Now let´s say everything is the same, but your optin rate is 45%. Out of 100 people 45 people are signing in. If the follow-up is the same, you will make 2,25 sales. So, hypothetically you are making about 112 Dollar out of 100 clicks. (50% of $225 is $112,5)  A profit of 52,50 Dollars for every 100 clicks you buy.

NOTE: The only thing is different is the optin page!

Let me tell you one thing: you have to test a lot to have a page that converts that high. Design and copy need to match your audience and you have to have the right traffic! Targeting the right audience is a huge subject alone!

What if there was a way around that? What if I told you, that you don´t even need a landing page? What if you just buy the leads directly?

It´s easier than buying stuff on ebay! You just order how many leads you want, pay via credit card or paypal and the leads coming in in realtime! Done!

And the lead price is 88 cents per lead! I´m talking about targeted leads here! People who raised their hands and said: “Yeah! I´m interested!”

And please note: In the better working example above we generated 45 leads for 60 bucks. That’s a lead price of $1,33!

Is that a no brainer, or what?

For what niches can you buy leads?

Well, you are on my blog, so chances are high, that you are in the mlm, make money online, or bizz opp niche etc. And that’s exactly what this is for. These leads are hot when you need fresh people in your list to market to.

And the best thing is: all leads have a phone number, so you can call them right away.

The service I´m about to share with you is “Conversion Pros”. They not only selling leads to their customers, they give you a lot of tools as well. They have a built in autoresponder, landing page creator, link rotator, qr-code generator, url-shortener, you can send sms to your leads, they have awesome training (such as: “how to call your leads and sell them your bizz opp”) and a world class support.

Don´t just take my word for it! Watch this amazing testimonial video:

Don´t worry about about clicks
Just buy leads!

This is the ideal solution for beginners, because they don´t have to take care about the technical stuff at all. And this is also great for pros who need to test something very quick and need instant leads for that … or for people like me, who are just lazy and want to call someone right away.

Oh, did I mention you can test conversion pros for 7 days for free? Just click below to see if this is something for you. You can get full access for these 7 days and you will get a full insight of what conversion pros can do for you. (No credit card needed for the trial).

After that you can decide if you stick to it for 50 bucks per month – which is ridiculous if you think about what you get –  or you can stick to your free membership.

Have fun with the training and buy awesome leads for your bizz opp…


It’s time to get your first leads now!