How to get started in Affiliate Marketing: Step By Step! This is what we will cover in this blog post.

Welcome to another episode of marketing minutes with Timo. We will cover exactly what you need you do to be successful and make sure to get your hands on my step-by-step gameplan. If you want to start your own highly profitable business, get your hands on it below:

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But now let´s dive right into the content and let´s talk about where exactly your journey should begin.

Step 1: Find your passion

It should all start with you. Don´t think about niches and what products to promote and what products can pay the biggest commissions.
Think about what it is you like, what is your passion, what do you like doing the most.
Because: there are products in any niche you can imagine. And we will talk about where to find those later. 

Step 2: Do a quick analysis

Once you identified your passion, let´s make sure there is a market for it and find out how many people are actively searching for your topic. Now, let´s say you lost 80 pounds in 6 months and you´re feeling amazing with your new body and you want others to experience that great feeling 

Now, if we go to the google keyword planner, and by the way, you can use this if you have a free google account - and if we type in weight loss there, you can see that there is a tremendous need for that subject, right? Many people are searching for that right now. As you can see here "best way to lose weight", 10k to 100k monthly searches "weight loss diet", 10k to 100k "fastest way to lose weight", 10k to 100k ... and so on. So as you can see: a big market!

Step 3: Get your affiliate link

In this example, I´m picking probably the biggest affiliate network. It´s called
And all you have to do, is pick a product, as you can see here, in this example the Average Amount per sale of this product would be over 360 dollars, right? But please don´t pick products just because it pays the biggest commissions - Ideally, you buy the product yourself before and make sure it is good stuff, right?

Then what you do is grab your affiliate link. That link identifies you as the referrer, and that way it can be tracked back to you and you get the commission if somebody bought right? Now, comes the most important step, and nobody is doing this

Step 4: Build your front door

Now, what do I mean by that? Here´s what most "so called" affiliate marketers do. They identify a product that they want to promote, they grab their affiliate link, then they buy some sort of crappy cheap traffic or they spam the whole internet with that affiliate link. And then after doing that for a few days they say: "Affiliate Marketing is not working" and then they give up. Of course, it´s not working that way! You should never send people directly to an affiliate link. Some networks where you will get your visitors from don´t even support that link anyway.

A way out of that approach is to build a simple website to build your email list, and by the way: you don´t need to be techie or something to do this, it´s just a simple one page website and the reason for that is to collect some data of your visitors. So, it will have a simple Headline with a benefit they will get for their optin and then you´re collecting Name and eMail-address and if they sign in, your visitors will be on your email list, so that you can contact them later and at the same time you redirect them to the offer. And make sure that the headline of your own page matches the offer, right? We don´t want to confuse our audience.

Then what you should do is write a series of emails that all have your affiliate links in them and you could talk about yourself, right? What did you do to lose that 80 pounds, what exercises you made what food you ate and stuff like that. Basically, you´re bringing value to your audience. And at the end of any email you´re saying something like: if you want to take the next step, just click here to get your hands on "Product XYZ" which of course is the affiliate product, right? Then you´re just sending those mails out to your list on autopilot. 

And then all you need to do is to send traffic to that landing page you created. That leads me to

Step 5: Send traffic

Now, if you are in a bigger niche there is a good chance that you find people with big email lists that happily will send their folks to your page for 50-80 cents per click or something. That is called solo ads, and depending where you get that traffic from - it´s not the best kind of traffic, but if youré starting out it´s better than nothing. There´s a link in the description for a great solo ad service that I used several times as well.

Another great tool you can use is called link is below as well - it gives you a variety of targeting options and you can promote almost any niche here. Then, of course, there are free traffic methods you can use. Such as postings on facebook, YouTube videos, answering questions on quora or reddit and many more things.

Basically, these are fundamental steps you should take to get started and earn your first commissions online.

So, that´s it for this video. Thanks so much for watching. If you have further questions, you can comment below this video, and also tell me what else you´d like to see on my channel, alright? I´m always grateful for your input. And of course, if you liked this video show me some love and give it a thumbs up.

And obviously, I cannot cover everything on marketing in this short post here. If you want to kickstart your business, I highly recommend my free training that shows you step-by-step what exactly you need to do to get your business started. And if you like you can register for our free workshop as well. My mentor will be around also and he will present all the secrets you´ll ever need to get your business started.

Thanks for reading and speak soon!

Take care! Bye-Bye

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