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Timo Dygryn is the founder of where he teaches others what he learned through the years building and scaling his own online business from scratch

He started in the music business industry way back in 2008 selling his own rock music online. He quickly realized how much he liked running an online business and the freedom it gave him. He found his real passion: guiding others the way to success online by giving them the right knowledge at the right time.

Things were not always easy: At the age of 18 he took drugs and got mentally ill. It took him almost 15 years to fully recover. He realized that things can change pretty fast and that there is more in life than trading away time for money. Since then his goal is to free others from their 9-5 jails!

Why I do what I do

My mission is to free as many people from their 9-5 jails as I can.

There is nothing greater than seeing others turning it all around. Through programs and coaching I show people an easy step-by-step guide to become financially independent to live the life they deserve.

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