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Hi, my name is Timo Dygryn.

I´m a husband, father (of the greatest son a father can have) and internet entrepreneur.

In 2008 my son was only a few minutes old as I promised him that I will change! I never really took responsibility for anything in my life. This little creature I held in my arms changed it all. I knew I wanted to change my life somehow. But holding my son for the first time gave me the biggest reason I could ever imagine. I made a promise to him. With tears in my eyes I said to him: “I´ll do whatever it takes to create us a good life”

At that time I had fought my way back to “sanity”… As I was 17 years old my grandma passed away. She lived next to us and I was very close to her. I did not mourn her death – instead I consumed marihuana like a maniac. I did not take any other drugs, but it was enough to cause serious damage to my psyche. I got mentally ill… Long story short: it took me 15 years to fully recover! It was a rough trip!

But it showed me that I didn´t want to continue that way. The birth of my son was the final push in the right direction. I started my first online business. First I sold my own rock music over the internet. Then I found my mentor who made over one million dollars per year on autopilot! He showed me what I was missing and what I was doing wrong.

Since then, by doing certain things in a certain way, I was able to raise myself from failure to success by building my empire in the internet marketing and the home based business industry. For the last 14 years my mentor has been showing people how to create real and lasting breakthrough in their business, marketing, income and life… and I´m still learning from him every day.

I even created my own products to pass what I have learned from my mentor to people who are at the start. If you´d like to learn more about it, check out my products page.

I can help you to be successful with your own business but I will not tolerate the thought: „You´ll get something for nothing.” Building a business is hard work! But I promise you: If you can accept me as your mentor, I´ll do the best I can to support you with the right training, coaching, guidance and more. But you have to put in your work to become a person who is worth making the kind of money you want.

If we want more, we have to become a person who is worth more – and that can take some time.

If you´re sick and tired of hype, information overload, lack of results and want to learn how to create yourself a great life full of possibilities – sign in below and get a solid education that sets you free for the rest of your life!

Take Control of Your Life.

Become a Powerful